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Europlastix Polymer Price Check

Why not let Europlastix take the headache out of purchasing your plastic feed stocks.
Whether it be one bag of additives or 100 tonnes per week of virgin polymer, we will source it on your behalf at a competitive rate. We also offer this service for plastic recyclers looking to buy bottles, film, and all other types of plastic materials suitable for recycling, through our international network of suppliers.
At Europlastix we take pride in offering a unique service to all plastic processors large or small. If you want virgin material, regrind or recyclables, we have an expansive network of suppliers all over the world enabling us to find you exactly what you need for your production requirements.
Just give us your specifications and we will do the rest.

Europlastix Stock Exchange


Trading on the stock market is best left to the professionals. Trading plastic materials is no different. At Europlastix we understand the market and buy and sell at favourable rates.
We understand that your core business is manufacturing, moulding or extruding products and no doubt you understand your customers’ demands better than we do. However if you require any polymer feed stock, whether virgin bulk supplies or recycled compound or granules, we will buy or sell on your behalf. Europlastix will take your specification, offer it worldwide to the main manufacturers and dealers to find you the most cost effective deal available at that time.
All we take is a small commission for handling the transaction and you can call your material off as and when you need it.
If you have raw material stock of any polymers, virgin, off spec, granulated and recycled material we can offer this to a huge market on your behalf at prices dictated by you, again we offer this service with only a small handling charge.

Europlastix Trading / Partnerships


Europlastix wants...

Overseas partners / Agents to sell recycled plastics in their Countries / Regions in one of two ways:

• you tell us what your customers require and we source it for you
• we notify you what products we have available and you find buyers

Overseas partners / Companies wishing to establish businesses, subsidiaries, branches or offices in the UK to purchase materials processed or un-processed.

Overseas suppliers
Companies that want to sell materials to recycle or recycled products into the UK or Europe.
Companies wishing to sell recycling machinery in the UK or Europe.
Companies wishing to introduce new materials or processes into the UK or Europe.

Europlastix offers...

• The use of our Broker Carrier License, our office, telephone, fax and computer facilities.
• Our expertise in buying, selling and trading machinery and materials.
• Customer site visits on your behalf.
• Locate materials and negotiate purchases.
• We offer to purchase, process or semi-process (if required), warehouse, consolidate, handle
• loading and documentation. packaging, transport and shipping.
• Collect and send samples, specifications, and photographs of materials,

• We will buy any materials but will specialise in waste plastics, metals, paper & cardboard, glass, textiles, rubber and other production waste.

• We can either buy and sell directly, or work on a commission basis whereby we agree a percentage across the board for everything we purchase. We can also offer these services on a monthly fee basis or as a percentage of invoice value. We are open to negotiation.